April 11th, 2003


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This is kind of amusing. I seem to have not only caused the creator to shut down her comic singlehandedly, but now I've got a bunch of people flaming me. I'm tempted to take each of the flames and pick them apart, but as lame as I am sometimes, that would be stupid even for me.

But hey. I suppose I'll make a few general replies to this . . .

2) See (1).
3) I kept reading the comic because I was trying to figure out what parts of it I really disliked. See, there's three major things you've got to do in order to learn how to do art well (at least I think so.) One is practice. One is look at things you like and figure out what you like of them and what you can duplicate. And the last is to look at things you don't like to figure out what you *don't* want to duplicate. I've got about a hundred webcomics I read (admittedly a large number of them are on hiatus/down/have rare posting schedules/I don't update often) and some of them I read simply because I think they're horrid. One of those - Gene Catlow - has actually gotten a whole lot better since I started reading it. I used to describe it as furry propaganda, but it's actually gotten a plotline that I rather like, and the art was always good. And in trying to figure out why it went from "bad" to "good" in my mind, I've figured out what mistakes I think it was making.
4) See (1).
5) See (1).
6) Finding the first occurance of the squirrelox wasn't hard - there's this dropdown menu, you see. It has one-line summaries of every single strip. It took all of twenty seconds to look through it for the first summary consisting entirely of chipmunk noises.
7) See (4).
8) GET A LIFE. I quote: "Infact there are alot of people on the forums who consider the site to be their lives." It's not even YOUR COMIC - you need to branch out, people! Go find another comic to read! I recommend Sexy Losers or Something Positive. Fun for all ages! *runs* No, honestly - there are a lot of good comics out there, *whatever* you like, and all you gotta do is get out there and find them. (Err, if you liked Mousekaroos, you probably won't like those two I mentioned. Just thought I'd warn you.)
9) See (4). (What? I'm bored of 1.)

I suppose there's two more things I've got to mention. First off, if any of my friends are getting fallout from this and don't want to be, lemme know and I'll stop posting about it entirely, because there's really no point in dragging anyone else into this. On the other hand, if mattstp is getting fallout from this, he asked for it ;)

Second, despite what people are saying on a certain bulletin board, I actually don't particularly want the comic to stop. Just because I don't like it doesn't mean others don't, and practice makes perfect. I posted about it 'cause I don't like it - that doesn't mean you have to stop. It's pretty clear there are people who *do* like it. It's worth mentioning that in three hours I'm going to go confront an ex-girlfriend of mine, and I'm reasonably sure she doesn't like me. This doesn't mean I have to kill myself. Get it?

So geez. Lighten up. I'm not making any demands of the writer, I'm not firebombing her house or anything, I'm just saying I think her plotline sucks. Get over it. If she wants to talk to me about what I think the problems are, I'm willing. If she doesn't, then hey. Whatever.

And that goes for other people, too - anyone who makes a *rational* reply to this will get answered. Anyone who makes an irrational reply to this will get answered also, but it'll be me telling them why they're being irrational. Serious comments only, folks, and "DROP DEAD BASTARD" or spelling "asshole" with dollar signs (I mean, huh? that doesn't even make *sense*) doesn't count.

Oh - and this isn't an apology, incidentally. I don't feel bad about my post :P
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Oh, and this really should go unsaid, but I thought I'd mention it anyway - friends, don't go flaming the people who're flaming me, mkay? I don't need backup and you're just going to look bad in the process :P

And geez, people, GET LJ ACCOUNTS. I don't know which anonymous poster is which!

Ooooh, I wonder if I've gotten an lj-abuse request in my name yet!

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You know what?

Life is just *hilarious*.

Dear $DIETY, and I thought maybe I'd run out of surreal things to happen . . .

It never ends!

Anyway. Yeah. You weren't anyway (you *weren't*, were you?) but don't go flaming any of the people who've been flaming me. The Mousekaroos writer and me have talked and worked things out :P

Just . . . yeah. SO SURREAL.
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Well, I'm sure you're all tired of the various comic-related drama that's been filling my LJ recently. Never fear, it's time to go back to blisteringly incomprehensible paradoxical mathematics!

Today's concept: the Most Random Data.

Look here. This contains a small set of tests to determine the randomness of a bitstream.

Now: obviously every possible bitstream will have results in this test. We can define a set of weights defining how important each of these results is to us - or even a complex equation if we want. In the end, we'll get a single value as output - the Randomness Metric.

Since every possible bitstream has its own Randomness Metric, what does this imply? Well . . . we can choose the bitstream with the highest Randomness Metric. It might not be computationally feasible to do so, but we'll ignore that for now, since computational feasibility doesn't factor into this proof.

And now that we have the bitstream with the highest Randomness Metric, we can call it the Most Random Data, and use it as a random sequence for every random number generator in the world!

I find this highly amusing.
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