May 20th, 2003


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It's worth mentioning that even if it wasn't extremely ambiguous, my recent post still isn't the entire story. So you've got part of a story, with people that aren't even named - don't try to apply it to anyone, okay? :P

Or at least ask me first. ;)

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and so now that I'm moving out, you're going back on your verbal promises and screwing over my friends.

I'd like to say I'm surprised.

But I'm not.
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Actually, after hearing more of the situation, I'm far more "amused" than "angry". Next on the news ticker: Man eats uncooked meat, gets stomachache. Quoted as saying "I don't get it! I mean, when some of my friends tried it, they got sick also. And everyone I talked to said the same thing would happen. But I never thought it would happen to *me*!" Despite all evidence, man's other friends believe uncooked meat/stomachache connection is a fluke, plan to try it for themselves. This story will be continued in the future.

And in other news,


Say it! It's fun!

Arugula arugula arugula arugula arugula arugula!
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