May 22nd, 2003


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"Rumor Debunking" mode:

Piers Anthony's official bibliography lists a grand total of 29 Xanth books - not 70, not 40, but 29.

And the last two have release dates in the future.

Since book 8, he has written precisely one a year (with a single exception, #18 and #19 were both released in 1995.)

"Sometimes I Just Don't Understand Him" mode:

In his "Erotic Fantasy" line, he's apparently written the sequel to "Pornucopia", and, painfully enough, has decided to name it "The Magic Fart".

The guy *does* have a good imagination at times . . . as long as you keep him away from Xanth . . . and anything involving sex . . . though he'll figure out a way to work the sex in anyway.

But he still has had some good ideas :P

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Incidentally, why is it that so few people understand the difference between opinion and fact?

I mean, geez. It isn't hard.
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