July 3rd, 2003



greek letter distribution online (thanks to google):

alpha        12900k
beta         11200k
gamma        15600k
delta        13100k
epsilon        690k
zeta          1440k
eta           3070k
theta         2890k
iota           377k
kappa         1230k
lambda        5580k
mu            7450k
nu           22100k
xi            5940k
omicron        184k
pi            8300k
rho            555k
sigma         4590k
tau           1890k
upsilon        469k
phi           4050k
chi          12200k
psi           3870k
omega         4890k

of course, many of these aren't referring to the greek letter - nu especially has a whole lot of extras (it's a TLD :P) But hey. Nobody said this was a *useful* project.