July 21st, 2003



I'm sure people here know about the great geniuses of our time - the ones who have invented teleportation, know the secret to world peace, proven that the world is a cube, and shown that God actually evolved from Santa Claus. Yes, I speak of the two most brilliant minds in the world - Gene Ray and Alex Chiu.

The latter is being especially kind - he's made his immortality device free! All I need for a free pair of genuine Alex Chiu immortality rings is seventy unique click-throughs right here. Yes, that's right, if I get seventy unique clickthroughs on that link, I get the secrets of immortality.

And I will, of course, review them for the benefit of everyone reading this.

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okay, wtf? (warning: sex related. yeah, now you're all gonna click on it too. I know you people. where are my immortality rings? you'll read things about sex, but don't want me to live forever? psh.) (and now it turns out that it's a private post, so if you're not in the community, you have to join it to read it, and I'd repaste it except a lot of the WTF is all the comments on it, so if you wanna read it - and it's about sex - you should join the community.) (it's an open community. click here.) (where was I?) (oh yeah.) as I was saying, wtf? why are so many people *happy* about this? oh, bad things happen, so clearly the only solution is . . . REVENGE! Hey, nothing fixes past grievances like making new ones in the opposite direction!

Jack Chalker said that the people asking for equality don't really want equality - they just want inequality in the opposite direction. This kind of thing makes me think he's right.

satan's in the living room, choking me with apathy
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So better take the keys and drive forever
Staying won't put these futures back together
All the perfect drugs and superheros
Wouldn't be enough to bring me up to zero

concept of the night:

surfing metaphors as applied to depression.
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I wonder why it is that Linux zealots seem so morally obliged to insult Windows users at every opportunity. I just read an otherwise good article on spammers, except the author has apparently decided that all Windows users are the lowest of the low for some arbitrary reason. Go figure.

On an almost diametrically opposed topic, does anyone here have a suggestion for a Linux distribution that's very amenable to running entirely in RAM? I'm planning to have it do very few things - samba, gcc, and music playing, and the first two will only happen rarely (and when the hard drive is mounted RW.) Usually I'll be mounting it read-only, so obviously it's gonna have to run without a swapfile or anything. Plus I don't care about things like XWindows, I'll probably be using svgalib at most.

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Incidentally, I'm very impressed with how easy zlib and libbzip2 are to use. If you're a programmer and need some basic compression in a data file, it may actually be faster to use one of those than to implement huffman or RLE, and either of those is likely to have significantly better compression.

Plus, neither of them have nasty licenses.

Highly recommended.