July 31st, 2003


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You know, once I believed that caring about people was sensible.

Once I believed that it would be reciprocated. That you could enter into a mutually beneficial relationship. Once I believed that trust wouldn't be betrayed at the earliest convenience, that you *could* trust sensibly. Once I believed that maybe, just maybe, there were a significant number of people out there who weren't solely concerned with themselves.

Once I believed it wasn't a zero-sum game.

I'm over it now though.
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In a discussion about the root cause of terrorism:

The US is already tackling the root cause of the problem, not the symptoms. As we all know, the real reason people are committing these terrorist acts is because they hate us because of our freedom. Current measures are making removal of this root cause their first priority, and there will soon be no reason for jealousy or dissatisfaction over this issue.

I suppose it'd be funnier if it wasn't true.