August 4th, 2003


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165,000 people get scammed for $1000 each, sue collectively. Lawyers win $3.7 million for them. Lawyers take $2.5 million of it. Lawyers then ask judge to be allowed to take all of it. Judge refuses, insists they pay the victims all that's left . . . approximately $6.50 each.

End result: 165,000 people are $993.50 poorer each. Lawyers are collectively $2.5 million richer. Is it just me, or is there something totally screwed up with this world?

I think we need a bounty on lawyers. Kill a lawyer, get 10% of his net worth, the rest gets donated to charity. I suppose really we should figure out some way to seperate good lawyers and evil lawyers first, though, because there *are* good lawyers, and they're probably easier to find and kill, therefore they'd be eliminated first (not the goal we have in mind.)

See, it's things like this that make a benevolent dictatorship the ultimate form of government.
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why does it seem that every person on the planet has either someone local they can rely on or someone they're in a happy long-term relationship with? (often the same person.)

okay, so there are people who don't. but not that I've met in the last few months. it's feeling rather like the only dissatisfied people are me and the people who've known me for a while.

bleh. I hate being alone.

I need to get out of here.

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Oh, incidentally, remember a week ago when I mentioned how the distributed network had six jobs to work on, and it was overstressed?

It's up to 23.

I've gone through and added some checks to make sure it doesn't needlessly duplicate work, but if they're not good enough, this could be a Very Bad Thing (tm).

I wonder if we can get Sony to loan us a rack full of computers or something.