August 7th, 2003


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You know, I'm starting to feel less and less bad about the whole das-haus fiasco . . . mostly because I'm uncovering more and more stuff (completely by accident, at that) that shows that it wasn't just me getting angry and leaving while taking them by surprise. That, actually, there was a nontrivial amount of "we'd better set things up for when he leaves" going on, and . . . well, there's more, but I'm not going to go into it right now methinks.

On an almost unrelated note:

Naomi, I don't know if you want to talk to me or not. I, personally, think you've been a flaming bitch to me, and last I heard, you felt the same way in reverse. But if you actually want to talk, let me know. If you don't, I'm not going to bother thinking about this again. I imagine you can figure out how to reach me with very little trouble.

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kyrie suggested we go for a drive in her new 2 door bmw coupe.
in the parking lot we slipped into her bucket seats.
kyrie took over from there.

at nearly 90 miles per hour she zipped us up to that windy edge known to some as mullholland
that sinuous road running the ridge of the santa monica mountains
where she then proceeded to pump her vehicle in and out of turns
sometimes dropping down to 50 miles per hour only to immediately gun it back up to 90 again

(fast, slow, fastfastslow)

sometimes a wide turn, sometimes a quick one
she preferred the tighter ones, the sharp controlled jerks
swinging left to right before driving back to the right, only so she could do it all over again
until after enough speed and enough wind and more distance than I'd been prepared to expect
taking me to parts of the city I rarely think of and never visit

I heard her say . . .

fun with debugging

Non-deterministic release-mode multithreaded array overflows!

Yes, that's right, it only happens (1) when I don't have convenient debug data to fix it, (2) rarely, (3) when I'm running more than one process at the same time, and (4) very rarely.

Not only that but it happens in code that I don't even come close to understanding - it was written two years ago, it's dense mathematical stuff, and it ain't mine.

The boss is filling it with asserts right now (it's his) . . . I hate bugs like this.
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