August 11th, 2003


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Origin of this code:

1500 lines involving lots of undocumented transformations and low-level graphics. Codebase was then modified by three different people to do various things it was never intended to. Codebase broke after a month. A month after that, we noticed. A month after *that*, we disabled it. Now it's my job to fix it up.

First step: remove half of it. Does it work now? No. Do I know why? No. But at least now I know what it's *supposed* to do.

logical disconnect incorporated

"I thought I saw a ghost so I tried to drive it away with a broom"

Well, of course! What *else* would you do?

I suppose this would strike me as a lot less odd if they'd said "and" instead of "so", but in its current state, it sounds like it's a cause-and-effect thing.

"So, class, what do we do if we see a ghost?"
"Throw a flyswatter at it?"
"No, that's incorrect. Anyone else?"
"Challenge it to a game of Twister?"
"No, that's not right either. Anyone?"
"Drive it away with a broom?"
"Yes! Very good!"

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Today's painful misspelling of the day: Backpeddling. Note the unfortunate person who's actually named their business "".

I mean, think for *five seconds* about the origins of that word. Backpedaling. Like, say, PEDALING BACKWARDS. Why would you write "peddling"?