September 1st, 2003


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"If you are truly capable to handling the project, then you will execute and complete it, here in Nigeria. This will create a golden opportunities for an opening to establish your company in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria where money is flowing like a river. Alternatively, after collecting the mobilization we (me and you) can sell the project to any oil and gas company for only the true value, which is overestimated at us$22million. The remaining us$22million from the mobilization will be shared by us with a ratio of 75% to me and 25% to you. When the job has been fully paid for (normally half way through the completion of the project) we will give us$22million to the people at the presidency and us$22million for the leaders of my party. But if you choose to execute and complete the project the mobilization and any left over from he project is all ours and will be shared 60% for me and 40% for you."

"Dr. Ehizojie, I work as an anthropological researcher with Miskatonic University, in Arkham. Recently, in the course of researching the belief systems of some obscure Polynesian cultures, I came across some fragmentary references to a god 'Cthulhu.' . . ."

and so it goes
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The palettizer is completely eliminating all the blue from this image, because there's not very much of it and thus it uses all 16 palette entries on shades of gray.

But I NEED the blue.


*goes back to tinkering*
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Given: A chunk of map with solid areas, nonsolid areas, and water.
Goal: A blurred chunk of map, with water less blurred than non-water.

Step 1: Extract water. Fill all areas that used to be water with the closest thing that isn't water.
Step 2: Blur map.
Step 3: Blur water. (Less.)
Step 4: Merge back together.


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"It's a good thing these gloves have 2500 triangles. If it was any less, they might have more than one pixel per triangle!"

. . . yeah, polyreduction is a good thing. :P