September 23rd, 2003


i am a trendsetter

Right now I've got five RSS feeds. Three of them I created, and with the exception of the one I created fifteen seconds ago, they all have readers besides me.


Your quota: You're using 2.781 of your allowed 30.000 units.

Perm accounts are fun. :)


RSS needs a standardized way of handling comments on posts. The only problem is, which posting model do you use - nonthreaded or threaded?

The answer's obvious, of course - threaded. Nonthreaded is a special case of threaded. So you provide the threading information, but you don't have to use it. Though there should be some way for an RSS feed to say "I don't support threaded replies".

Maybe I should work on this . . . how would you handle things like user logins? Some sites have user IDs, some do not . . .

*adds this to his list of Things To Implement, behind the half-dozen things already on the list, none of which are simple*

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What is this, Day of the Automotive Idiot?

Rules of safe driving: If you are in heavy city traffic, and you're trying to cross an intersection, and the cars in front of you aren't moving, but there's barely enough space between the last car and the crosswalk to fit your car, you can go. If you'd end up sticking into the crosswalk by about a foot you probably shouldn't technically go, but nobody will really mind.

HOWEVER. If the person in front of you does this, you should NOT go, since you will entirely block the crosswalk.

And if *that* person is in front of you, and they end up blocking the crosswalk, you should NOT go, because then you'll end up SITTING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE INTERSECTION while your light turns red and the cars on either side of you have to sit there because you, like a moron, are essentially parked crosswise in a city street.

I saw this happen FIVE TIMES walking to the bus stop, and one of the vehicles that did this was a bus.

Hint: If there are pedestrians having to walk into the street in order to get around you, perhaps you're in the wrong place, hmm? Further hint: if there are pedestrians having to squeeze between two cars to get through the crosswalk, and you're the one in the back, you also may be in the wrong place.

Geez, people.
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