September 30th, 2003


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Ten Technologies that Deserve to Die

That's got to be the stupidest list I've seen in my entire life. The only one I agree with even slightly is "nuclear weapons", and saying "nuclear weapons deserve to die but nuclear power doesn't" is approximately the same as saying "knives used for killing people should be banned, but all other kind of knives are fine". It's the same technology. Live with it.

All the others . . . Geez. It's a touch of scaremongering, a touch of hopeful wishing, a good deal of utterly wrong facts, and a whole lot of absolutely arbitrary opinion.

(respectively: "the ghastly prospect of blackened skies over China and seas rising out of their beds", "they will be replaced by a superior technology, something cheap, cool, and precisely engineered", "any benefit one gets from 'clearer pictures' . . . is quickly removed by the catastrophic effects of a single thumbprint or scratch", and . . . well, the entire section on cosmetic implants.)

I realize it *is* an opinion piece, but still, saying "this technology deserves to die because I don't like it and think something better might come along soon, despite a complete lack of evidence" isn't just opinion, it's bordering on useless.