October 1st, 2003


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I keep thinking this game can't possibly fail to get more interesting, and then it, er, does.

. . . I think that parses.

Took me a few minutes to realize why my Jedi Master was walking around all the cutscenes in her underwear. See, when you get a character, the only thing they're wearing is "Clothing". However, you have to take the clothing off in order to give them armor. I'd tried her out in my active party (i.e. with armor), then given up and removed her armor for someone else. I was too lazy to put her clothes back on though.

Would it *really* be so hard for them to consider "no armor" the same as "clothing"? How often do you really want your characters walking around half-naked?

Naturally, my first action after realizing this was to go through the other inactive members of my party and strip them as well. Let it never be said I wasn't fair.

Now, if I could take her underwear off also, *that* might be a selling point.

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For any substitutable software, open-source will eventually dominate. (Substitutable: Can be substituted for a different software package that does the same thing. Examples: AIM and Trillian, Word and WordPerfect, Photoshop and The Gimp.) (Eventually: "once the open-source package is good enough", which will happen *eventually*, it just might take, oh, another decade or so.)

For any non-substitutable software . . . that's a different matter.

If Halo 3 (for example) isn't open-source, there isn't really a game you can substitute for it. I mean, sure, someone could make "GNU/AlmostHalo", but it *won't be Halo* - it can't have the same plot (copyright infringement) and it won't be made by the same people. There's no way to incrementally improve a "proto-game" until it's just as good as any other game - it just can't be done.

And for MMORPGs, there's the entire issue of "who pays for the central server/tech support".

. . . Yay! Open-source won't make my job obsolete!