November 1st, 2003


(no subject)

<DrgdHmstr> Dont listen to Gambit-. He lies through his teeth, sells zircon as real diamonds and steals candy from babies.
<ZorbaTHut> hmmm
<ZorbaTHut> what kind of candy?
<Gambit-> mmm baby candy.
<DrgdHmstr> Also, he's really a used car salesman from Ohio
<ZorbaTHut> hey, I'm a college dropout from Ohio
<Gambit-> i also nuke whales.
<ZorbaTHut> we're practically brothers already
<DrgdHmstr> he also nukes whales
<ZorbaTHut> I prefer shooting them with depleted uranium tank shells, personally
<Gambit-> ZorbaTHut, I have poor aim.
<ZorbaTHut> if you want to go really crazy you can make it hollowpoint depleted uranium, and fill the point with nerve toxin
<ZorbaTHut> and then staple a mink to it, just so you can piss off peta even *more*
<DrgdHmstr> yay! ++piss_off_peta;
<ZorbaTHut> oh, make sure to fund it with tax dollars to get the liberals against you
<DrgdHmstr> and greenpeace. while we're at it.
<ZorbaTHut> but then start a "Irradiating Whales for Welfare" campaign to get the conservatives against you
<ZorbaTHut> "every time a whale is irradiated, we give $1000 to a single mother living in the ghetto"
<jcd> haha
<Dark_Omen> lol