November 4th, 2003



So one of the people at work had the fantastic idea of replacing our six-drive 7200rpm IDE RAID array with a single 5400rpm IDE drive.


I'm sitting here waiting for it to finish linking the game. It's taken about 5 minutes so far. The entire build process used to take 5 minutes.

Am I irritated? Yes I am.

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"Okay, now MySQL is installed. I think I'll look at the permissions. My, that's a large table . . . you know, the problem with a CLI is that when you have thirty columns, all of which have thirty-character-long-names, it really doesn't fit well on the screen. Hrm. I wonder if there's a good GUI . . . ah, here's one! Well, it's an open-source GUI so chances are good it won't be stellar, but you never know. Let's try it out. Easy download . . . unzip to this directory . . . run it . . . OH MY GOD MY EYES THEY BURN"

". . . maybe 'not stellar' was an understatement."


Oh well. CLI for me. It's easier than trying to deal with that . . . thing :P