November 12th, 2003


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Hmm. Apparently if we fit a hyperbolic curve to the world population (which is actually a *better* fit than exponential), we'll have an infinite amount of people in 2035.

Aren't statistics great?

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<pepp> hello. If i want to format my c drive and then install windows whats teh best way to do it? currently I am running windows.
<pepp> and i want to partition my harddisk
<ZorbaTHut> pepp, format drive, put in windows CD, boot to CLI, use fdisk to remove partition
<ZorbaTHut> then, if you wish, use fdisk to create partitions.
<pepp> Zorba: how exactly to format the drive?
<ZorbaTHut> format c:
<pepp> boot to CLI? what does that mean?
<ZorbaTHut> . . . suddenly I feel ancient
<pepp> can I give that command while i am in windows?