December 10th, 2003


beautiful things, written dec 7 while waiting on the plane to go home

It's snowy outside. At least, it was. It's not snowing now - it's just winding. But, in a lot of ways, it's even more beautiful now.

See, the snow was really light and powdery. And so the layer of snow at the top can just be picked up and carried by the wind. Which is exactly what's happening.

It looks like water. A moving white sea, with trucks meandering through it, the bottom of their tires held three inches below the surface.

It's pretty.

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I FOUND IT! (yes, it's a midi.)

Why do so few games have good music now? Even with the unbelievably restrictive limits they had to work under, a lot of old games had fantastic music (see Star Control II and the Crusader series, for example.)

The game this comes from was called Privateer. You were a basic space mercenary. This planet was New Chicago. It was a built-up metropolis - you parked your spaceship on top of a building and took an elevator down to the street level. And it rained. (That's what the tinkling in the music is supposed to be.) The occasional car flew past, there were a few buildings you could go into . . . and there was this haunting solo music in the background.

It was beautiful.

I miss games like that.
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