December 17th, 2003



I mirrored a small website with some interesting documents to put on my PDA and read at my leisure (which was an interesting experience in itself. hint to open-source documentation sites: if you want to keep people from mirroring, a much better solution is to ask them nicely or provide alternate download links. simply blocking wget's user-agent is quite ineffective, especially because wget has a CLI switch to change it). Upon copying them to my PDA, I got an interesting error - "you are not allowed to have nested subdirectories in My Documents".

Which is odd, because I mirrored a site about a week ago with nested subdirectories, and it worked fine.

A few minutes of experimentation yielded the fact that while I couldn't copy directories into subdirectories, and couldn't create directories in subdirectories, I *could* just copy an entire directory - with subdirectories - recursively, and it wouldn't care.

Works fine, too.

Why are they trying to block that? I don't get it. It seems to work fine, so what's the deal?

Moral: It doesn't matter if your software is open-source or closed-source, it's still capable of containing idiotic decisions.