January 2nd, 2004


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Is it just me, or is the entire world stupid today?

"How can I count the unique values in a set of 70 million 64-bit numbers?"
"Put them in a vector, sort them, and run unique."
"A map uses too much RAM."
"Yes. That's why you should use a vector."
"But a vector won't tell me how many unique numbers there are!"
"It will if you sort them and run unique."
"Oh. What does unique do?"
"It takes a sorted array and eliminates all the duplicates."
"How does it work?"
"(briefly implements unique)"
"But that looks like it will only work if the array is sorted!"
"Yes. That's why you sort it first."
"Oh. Okay. What do I do after I sort it?"


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<Raphael^^> eww
<Raphael^^> a 49 foot python
<Stingray_> 49 foot? daamn
<Stingray_> that's like 7 7-foot pythons end to end
<JeyK> or like
<JeyK> 49 1-ft pythons!!
<Stingray_> or like.. half of a 98-foot python!
<skie> thats like... almost a 50 foot python!
<Stingray_> slightly larger than a 48-foot python
<ZorbaTHut> stingray, really? how much larger?
<Aeplus> yeah... it's like a 50' python but a foot shorter
<Stingray_> zorba: you could probably fit a few 1/3-foot pythons in the gap
<JeyK> that's like.. the square root of a 2401 ft python!
<ZorbaTHut> it's like the arithmetic mean of a 48-foot python and a 50-foot python
<Aeplus> that's one big snake