January 11th, 2004


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WTF. The Something Positive guy is going to a convention at Oberlin at the end of February. Then a convention at Stony Brook at the end of March. What is this, Tour Zorba's Colleges or something?


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You know, it's just occured to me that whenever I get interested in a girl who's really good at programming, it's always "really good at programming" in the context of "is learning stuff that I already know relatively fast". If the alternative had ever shown up, I'd be worried that maybe I had this superiority complex and couldn't bear for people I was interested in romantically to be equal to me in the things I'm good at.

Except the alternative really *hasn't* shown up, annoyingly enough. I think Naomi was the closest, and a good deal of that was the fact that I really hadn't come into my own yet. Somehow I doubt she can really match me at this point . . . I don't know, maybe that's egotism or maybe it's just an honest evaluation. (How can you tell the difference?)

Thinking about meeting a female who can match me with programming . . .

. . . is sort of a dead zone, because deep inside I don't really believe it can happen. There are few enough males who can match me on my grounds, and for whatever reason, there are very few female techs.

You know, that's a really depressing thought.

I'm going to go cook a slab of potential prions, I'm hungry.

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This is Zorba.

This is Zorba with lots of free time.

. . . Oh, wait, no it's not, because that version doesn't exist.

Yeah. I've got about a week to move to New York, turns out. This is gonna be *cough* interesting. Entries might be sparse. Or, they might be dense. You'll find out soon.

For no particular reason, here's an entry I wrote in the Raleigh airport.


Show my boarding pass and ID to the security guard, who inspects it briefly and waves me on.

Escalator to the second floor.

Show my boarding pass and ID to another security guard, who also inspects it briefly and waves me on.

Remove shoes and jacket. Place on conveyor, with shoulderbag. Watch the person in front of me walk through with pants so baggy he could be hiding a small arsenal. (No jokes about caliber or blanks, please.)

Collect my stuff again.

Show my boarding pass and ID to yet another security guard, who likewise inspects it briefly and waves me on.

Well, I certainly feel safer now. I mean, it's a well-known fact that those Alkee-Ayda fake IDs can only withstand two cursory examinations - that third brief glance will expose them for sure!