January 13th, 2004


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I saw a person bagging groceries at Safeway. She had short black hair and dark eyes. Her nametag read "Trinity".

I feel kinda sorry for her, actually. Unless her parents were time-travelers, there's no way they could have known about The Matrix.
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Somehow it didn't really hit me until I was walking out of work today.

I'm leaving. And I'm not coming back. Sure, I might come back to visit once or twice, but . . .

I'm not going to live here again. I've spent the first twenty years of my life here, and I'm closing that chapter permanently.

There really isn't anything holding me here anymore . . . and there's so much out *there*. There's so much left to do out there, so much I'm interested in, and . . . well, I'm done with Seattle.

I'm going to miss this city, despite everything. I've had a truly disproportionate amount of heartache and pain here, but this is also the place where I finally figured everything out. This is the place where I became myself.

But that's all there is.

And it's time to move on.