January 25th, 2004


details of zorba's decision-making process

NOTIFY [stomachd]: Hunger detected.

Searching for food sources.

TARGET: Japan House
PRELIMINARY SCAN: Signs talk about sushi, and only sushi.
++ Sushi
- Sushi quality unknown
NOTIFY [proverbd]: Sushi alone does not a meal make, especially if you're really hungry and a college student.
INTERRUPT [sanityd]: Flagging proverbd for audit, possible data corruption detected
QUERY hunger
RESULT [stomachd] hunger = LARGE
- (result of proverb correlated with hunger and student status)
VERDICT: Keep in mind as potential sushi place.

TARGET: Smiling Pizzeria
+ Pizza
- Too much pizza recently
NOTIFY [sanityd]: Smiling pizza disturbs me.
- (smiling pizza adjustment)
VERDICT: Not interested.

TARGET: Rice Thai
PRELIMINARY SCAN: Thai food. Empty.
+ Thai is tasty
- Ate too much Thai in Seattle
NOTIFY [suspiciond]: Empty restaurants are questionable.
- ("the locals know better" adjustment)
VERDICT: Not interested.

TARGET: Tea House
PRELIMINARY SCAN: The name says it all. Packed.
- Entirely packed
++ With cute girls
NOTIFY [suspiciond]: Girl ratio excessive. Possible lesbian warning.
- (lesbian warning adjustment)
VERDICT: Flag for future review.

TARGET: Master Wok
PRELIMINARY SCAN: "Stir fry! Stir fry! Stir fry!"
INTERRUPT [gamed]: If I put the Master Wok in a stone, will I become a kid again?
INTERRUPT [nerdmonitord]: Forcibly shutting down gamed.
- Have never deeply loved stir fry
+ Haven't had it in a long time, either
VERDICT: Last resort.

TARGET: Katina's
PRELIMINARY SCAN: American food. Have eaten here before.
+ Was tasty
- American food, relatively uninteresting
QUERY stodginess
RESULT [mentald] stodginess = YES
+ (stodginess override)
VERDICT: Solution found.