January 31st, 2004


dictator of housing (or, a place I'm not planning to live)

What does the Agreement Include?
* Fully Furnished Bedroom with Wall to Wall Carpeting
* Utilities
* Cable TV connection for television
* Bed Linens & Pillows
* Semi-private Bath
* Use of Vacuum
* Use of Iron and Ironing Board
[ed: note the lack of washing machine]

What *Extra Privileges* Will You Have?
* Light Kitchen privileges, 1/2 hour twice daily between 7-9am & 3-6pm [ed: my classes finish after 6pm some days]
- Use of microwave
- Use of dishes, glasses and utensils
- Use of ice machine
* Use of In-Ground Swimming Pool in season
* Use of Garden Sitting Areas in season

(*Extra Privileges* are subject to the homeowner's priority of use, the house guest's appropriate use of them, and the house guest's compliance with house policies. Extra Privileges may be withdrawn at any time with or without cause.) [ed: *without* cause? what, are they going to not let me sit in the garden if I take 35 minutes to make my food? actually, probably yes]

What is Prohibited?
* Visitors at the house, in the garden and pool areas or in your bedroom [ed: ?!]
* Entertaining or socializing with any other house guest inside the house [ed: ?!!?*&]
* Smoking (except for Home Owner) [ed: ...]
* Electrical appliances in the bedroom
* Electronic equipment in the bedroom (except for a personal computer, television and stereo or radio with earphones) [ed: does "personal computing facility" count?]
* Additional lighting without prior approval [ed: ...]


I'm not retyping the "survey" - it includes basically an interrogation about exactly where I'll be every hour of every day.

Finding sane housing has been *tough*, ya know?

written at the airport

As usual, the airport security at Seatac Airport asks me to take my shoes off. I do so and pass them through the conveyor. On the other end, I start to tie them up again and they go snap.

One ad-hoc repair later, I have one significantly shorter shoelace with a much more complicated knot.

Hope that's the only thing that goes wrong on the way.