February 2nd, 2004


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So here are my choices.

1) Stay in college, major in EE.

It's something new.
It would be interesting.
It'd let me experience college.
I'd get a diploma out of it.

It wouldn't be *that* interesting - it'd be FOUR YEARS of undergraduate classes. I'd be getting out when I was 26. I mean, eww.
It wouldn't actually help much of anything - I mean, it's interesting, but it's not what I'm going to do. In the end, it'd kinda be a waste of four years.

2) Stay in college, try to get into a CS master's program (or something.)

It would be interesting.
I'd get a really good diploma out of it.
I'd probably learn some things I don't already know.

I don't need to be in college to learn this stuff - it might help, but in terms of time-efficiency, it might be significantly worse.
It would take a *lot* of teacher-badgering.
I'm still skeptical about how much good it would do. On the other hand, it'd be better than the EE degree in pretty much every way.

3) Drop out of college permanently, get job.

It would be much more interesting.
I'd probably enjoy it more.
I'd be able to make some serious progress in my life.

I'd probably never get a degree.
I'd miss out on any social stuff that I wouldn't otherwise miss out on. (But I'd also *not* miss out on the social stuff that I would otherwise miss out on. Maybe this should be null.)
Can't think of any others.


I think (1) is a dead loss, really. And (2) depends on how hard it is to talk the teachers into it.

More thought required.

Yes, I'm going to be mulling this over in public quite a bit. Deal with it. :P