February 9th, 2004


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So I went and updated my Topcoder profile.

Topcoder semi-recently added school ranking, so that different schools could compete against each other. They've got a weird ranking formula that's not an average - it weights based on the highest-ranked coders in that school.

Before I updated, Stony Brook was #11. After updating, it was #8.

I find that highly entertaining.
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And Phoenix changes its name once again!

Wait, I mean, "Firebird" changes its name once again.

Or I suppose now I mean "Firefox" changes its name once again.

Hello guys. Brand recognition is a good thing. Brand recognition does not occur if you rename your product every few months.

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Prolog: You tell your program you want to be shot in the foot. The program figures out how to do it, but the syntax doesn't allow it to explain.

. . . you know, that's a *really* accurate description of Prolog.

(from here - largest archive of *good* variations on these that I've seen.)