February 19th, 2004


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You know those Ford pickup trucks with the extra-wide rear wheel setups? So they have a total of four tires in the back, for carrying really heavy loads? The ones that are occasionally driven, in spotless condition, by people who clearly have about as much use for one as they would for, say, a set of precision diamond-carving tools?

And you know those really stupid looking cars where the driver clearly believes they are capable of going 300mph, and as such, has carefully installed a spoiler on the rear?

No, wait. Don't laugh yet.

You know those *really* stupid ones, where the driver has decided "hey, if it works well on the back, it should work even better on the roof!"?

Now you can laugh.

Or, I don't know, maybe it was a solar collector. The owner of the truck was clearly a believer in "bigger = better" - it was large enough to power, say, the running lights.

worthless superheroes


His special power: to collapse bonelessly at the slightest hint of danger, thus ensuring his rapid capture and subsequent painful beating.

Example dialog:

<DangerBoy> Look! On the building! It's Apocalypso!
<Apocalypso> Ha ha! Soon you will sample the full force of my boundless wrath!
<Collapsar> OH NO!!!
* Collapsar collapses