March 6th, 2004


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(excerpt from This is True)

LEADING BY EXAMPLE: After a briefing on the coup in Haiti, U.S.
Representative Corrine Brown (Democrat from Florida) said President
Bush's policy for the country was "racist" and engineered by "a bunch
of white men." That didn't sit well with the president's man she was
berating, Assistant Secretary of State Roger Noriega. "As a
Mexican-American, I deeply resent being called a racist and branded a
white man," he told her, but promised that he would "relay that to
[Secretary of State] Colin Powell and [national security adviser]
Condoleezza Rice the next time I run into them." Brown, who is black,
said she was "absolutely not" apologetic for calling Noriega white,
telling him "you all look alike to me." (Jacksonville, Fla.,
Times-Union) ...Racism: an appalling slur on humanity, unless committed
by a black Democratic politician.

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I presume most people here have played standard computer RPGs.

A standard thing in them is equipment that gives status bonuses. For example, gloves that make you do fire damage. Or pants that make you fly. Or a hat that increases your hit points. The item never really seems to have any association with the bonuses.

But there's always one piece of equipment missing.


Just think of the possibilities!

Sonic Boxers!
Bra of Telekinesis!
Thermonuclear Briefs!
Gaia Speedos!
Ice Lingerie!

And, of course, the famed Holy Panties.

Or - possibly even better - Unholy Panties.

Well I think it's a good idea.