March 8th, 2004


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Interesting thread on K5 that you can't see unless you're logged in, and so I will repaste here:

[new] Editorial: The black vote doesn't matter. (none / 3) (#10)
by CoolSpot on Sun Mar 7th, 2004 at 03:21:07 PM PST

Blacks have made themselves politically irrelevant. President Bush campaigned pretty heavily with blacks during the last presidential election and did terribly, he ended up getting something along the lines of 4 or 5% of the black vote (about the same as Bob Dole did before him), yet he still won the presidency. If anyone thinks he will make the same mistake twice and waste valuable campaining time on a group that has no intention of voting for him, they clearly don't understand politics. Hell, GWB would probably get better results by campaigning in Europe.
Of course, wise democrats will recognise this and similarly not compaign among blacks, while supporting affirmative action to keep the black vote firmly in their pocket.

Effect? Blacks no longer matter as they are crucial to neither groups strategy for winning, and their issues fall by the wayside.

[new] Editorial: When You're Right, You're Right (none / 1) (#11)
by Peahippo on Sun Mar 7th, 2004 at 04:25:43 PM PST

Pretty damned cynical of you to say so, but I can't find that flawed enough to critique.

I mean, really, in 2000 about 90K people in Florida were summarily thrown off the voter rolls. At least 50K of these were Black and as Gregory Palast investigated, almost all not conforming to the felon criteria. Yet by the 2002 elections, these numbers had remained essentially the same. The Florida government said that they'd fix it by 2003 or so. And I'll bet that right now, the numbers are STILL essentially the same.

Where's Jesse Jackson? Sharpton? Why aren't they stomping in Florida to get this obvious racism corrected?

Firstly, I think it's because this alleged "Black leadership" is too busy shaking down corporations (a la the Rainbow Coalition) for what's effectively protection money, to pay attention to some Florida niggers. All those limosines, restaurant dinners, and hotel rooms cost, you know.

Secondly, I think it's because the entirety of Black culture has been hollowed out into rampant consumerism that leaves no time for anything else. Poor as Blacks get, they still manage to find the money for cell phones, rented tower stereo systems, plastic shit for their 2-fast-2-furious cars, and fuck-me trendy threads.

Blacks are going to be getting exactly what they deserve, this November. It's sickening, but the lack of political consciousness is the cause of it. The days of the Panthers are gone, and Malcolm X is turning in his grave so fast he could be a replacement gyroscope for the Hubble.

[new] Editorial: Wow. I wish that was short enough to sig it. (none / 0) (#14)
by Kasreyn on Sun Mar 7th, 2004 at 06:01:44 PM PST

That was very well said. I've been trying to raise the political consciousness of a couple bright young black men I'm working with, but it's an uphill struggle. Their apathy and discouragement with the system is so strong I don't know, even with 8 months left to work on them, if I'll be able to convince them to vote in November.



That sums up a gigantic amount of what's wrong with politics and a lot of organizations in America. :P