April 18th, 2004


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Sometimes my brain does really weird stuff when I'm trying to get to sleep.

You know that stage when you're not exactly asleep, but you're not exactly awake either, and your brain is considering that whole "dreaming" idea, and sort of trying it out? Flexing its metal muscles? And it's just throwing random images at you for no obvious reason - you still know you're in bed, so you're not *dreaming*, but this other stuff is sorta happening at the same time?

So I'm lying down, and some random girl is lying about two feet away from me, facing away, wearing a long flowing dress. And someone's crouching next to her, aiming a fire poker through her dress at me. (I think it may have been John Travolta. What can I say, I saw The Punisher yesterday.)

I think he hit me, but my brain didn't get that far. Instead, it switched into storytelling mode, and I heard/saw a combination voiceover/subtitle, which said/read "And then I retaliated, with a long serpent." Which, in fact, I was doing - I was standing up, the girl was gone, and I was apparently throwing a snake at Travolta.

Only my brain made a typo, and instead of writing "serpent", it wrote "servant". And as soon as I realized this, the scene changed a little . . . and I clonked Travolta over the head with an eight-foot-tall butler.

And then I woke up entirely, and felt very very confused.


I'm going back to bed now.
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I just went through some of the free stuff I got from the Topcoder onsite.

Yahoo gave me a shirt, plus another shirt. Woo.

NVidia gave me a game (I got NOLF2 - some lucky people got ut2k4. bastards.), a Swiss Army knife, and a 64mb USB pen drive.

Who understands us better? I'll give you one hint: it's not Yahoo.