April 22nd, 2004


the wonders of advertising

So I recently moved.

Part of moving involves filling out yet another change-of-address form. I'm really sick of these.

The local post office sends an envelope with a confirmation once you turn in the form. Mine arrived today. It was a reasonably big bulky envelope. I picked it up and thought, "Why is this so big?"

Contents of envelope:

Two sheets of paper for the confirmation.
One AOL trial CD.
One New York Times subscription offer.
One Home Depot ad.
One Waldbaums ad.
One Toys'r'Us ad.
One Sears ad.
One Checks Unlimited ad.
One Seaman's Furniture ad.
One Heat USA ad.
One Allstate Insurance ad.
One Washington Mutual ad.
One Poland Spring Water ad.
One Blinds To Go ad.
One Closet Factory ad.
One Linens'n'Things ad.
One DirectTV ad.
One MCI ad.
One Netflix ad.
One Artistic Labels ad.
One OneSwitch ad.
One Circuit City ad.
One Geico ad.

For a grand total of 22 advertisements (including the AOL trial CD), many of them two-page.

Looking at the two pieces of paper for the confirmation, it's about 75% advertisements also.

You know, this is getting a bit absurd.
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