April 28th, 2004


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Gas Thermometry (Lab 9)

(my name)
Physics 133, Section 5
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The purpose of this lab is to provide yet more pointless work for us to do. The lab's instructions - which already look only slightly interesting - will be further stripped down in class when we'll be told half of it is too complex for us. Any question that might indicate real understanding of the material will be removed, and what is left will be makework so the teachers can assign us a numerical grade based on our ability to follow simple instructions and our possession of basic math skills (when assisted by a calculator).



*deletes last paragraph*

Almost over. I gotta get out of this school.

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<StoneCyph> Thing is, I don't have any board game players to play with
<StoneCyph> I have an unused copy of Settlers of Catan and another of Carcasonne
<ZorbaTHut> pick up girls in bars
<ZorbaTHut> "Hey, you wanna go play board games?"
<ZorbaTHut> "I've got this one about wizards!"
<StoneCyph> ZorbaTHut: "Hey, baby, wanna go play some chutes and ladders?"
<ZorbaTHut> if it works, you've got the perfect woman. :)
<StoneCyph> agreed
<Stingray_> Zorba: nah, she might turn out to like Dragonlance
<ZorbaTHut> "Then he moved the bandit onto my woods, and took a sheep from me, and I knew he was my one true love."
<StoneCyph> "Turn-ons: PhD, Knockers, Board Games, B-Movies. Turn-offs: republicans, stress, dragonlance."