May 6th, 2004


(no subject)

Man that was a weird dream. I'm writing down notes on it so I don't forget it.

Scene - train ride from the Gypsy car. Full cast, plus the new unnamed woman. Music too loud, can't be turned down, must be turned off.

"We made it!"
"I can't believe it! How many times have we barely escaped now?"
"How many times have we gotten across the ENTIRE COUNTRY?"
"How did we ever get *into* this mess?"
(acting) "Roy, let's go dig for brontosaurus eggs!"
(also acting) "Dave, there aren't any!"
"Fuck, now what do we do?"
"Let's go back to my place, then get captured by the government, sent to an alternate reality, and wander across several thousand miles, and back, five or six times!"
(general laughter)

Note that I actually went *through* most of the events . . . this was one of those dreams that subjectively seems to take hours.

And wouldn't you know it, I'm feeling sick again.

(Oh, also: "If you take me, we have to leave right now, or not at all." "That's what I was going to say.")