May 11th, 2004


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<ZorbaTHut> why is their spokesperson blue?
<Two9A_> Blue is good
<Two9A_> NO
<ZorbaTHut> samus forevar!
<lms> oh my god
<Two9A_> Laggin'
<reffie> a bad samus!?!?!?
<E-Keet> It's all reffie's faulty.
<Xvoid6f> evil samus
<Whacko> all fine here
<ZorbaTHut> niiiice
<ZorbaTHut> I can hardly wait for that boss fight
<Xvoid6f> multiplayer!!!
<ZorbaTHut> screw jump!
<lms> oh my god
<E-Keet> o.o
<ZorbaTHut> holy crap
<lms> screw jump!
<reffie> this november prepare for the ultimate fight between good and evil
<reffie> let there be light
<reffie> blah blah blah
<Xvoid6f> nooo! maybe samus online!!
<E-Keet> o.o
<ZorbaTHut> duuuuuude
<E-Keet> Holy cow....
<TwinD> metroid prime 2 just owned the show

All hail webcasts of e3 events. :)

(no subject)

Possible plans for next computer:

I want to build a computer that's totally silent.
I also want to build a state-of-the-art top-end computer - dual-processor opterons. And a 15krpm SCSI hard drive - probably the same one I've got in this computer. And a graphics card. 6800 or X800 or whatever the state-of-the-art is at that point.

I don't think these goals are necessarily mutually exclusive. But it might take quite a bit of work.

(No, "long cables" isn't acceptable.)

I'll go into this in more detail later. I think I might need a website.