June 4th, 2004


journey prime: prelude

So some of you (i.e. the ones who know me well, or read my journal and have good inference skills) know that I just made a trip from New York to Seattle, driving, mostly.

It was a bit of an adventure. Things did not always work properly, and I spent more time in certain states (most notably Wyoming) than I meant to.

I also got drenched by a waterfall, drove through at least thirty rainstorms, dodged a heat wave, and visited Wall Drug.

Obviously there's a lot to write here - it took a little over two weeks. But it will not be written now. See, I started writing the first entry . . . and then semagic collapsed into a flaming pile of melted bits. So I think that's a sign from Murphy that I should hold off until tomorrow, especially since, hey, it's me, I'm lazy.

So I'll start tomorrow.