July 12th, 2004


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So I've been stuck at home with my little computer and no internet connection. This basically means I have nothing to do except what's on the hard drive. Luckily, what's on the hard drive includes every single Super Nintendo game ever made.

You'd be amazed how many truly horrible Super Nintendo games there are. You'd also be amazed how many of them were *nearly* cool - but not *quite*.

I can practically imagine the conversation that had to take place with this one.

"Let's make a game just like Sonic! Only not quite as good."
"I think that's a fantastic idea! We can make our main character run fast -"
"- but not *really* fast -"
"Oh, of course not. Just sort of fast."
"And we can have strange surreal landscapes! But not very surreal. Just sort of surreal."
"And a medium selection of enemies!"
"Medium might be pushing it. That's too much like Sonic, and we don't want to make that good of a game."
"Okay, okay. A small selection of enemies."

The Home Alone game, incidentally, is horrific, as is the Dennis the Menace game and absolutely everything with a Warner Bros. label. Ironically, the Home Improvement game isn't all that bad.