July 13th, 2004


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I'm a very strange programmer. You see, I prefer proportional fonts - not fixed-width.

To put this in perspective, if I walked into a party with a friend, and I said "I like proportional fonts!", and he was wearing a chicken on his head, I'd be the one people were staring at.

I just find them easier to read. That's all. But they've got one *really big problem*. Sometimes people will use spaces to pad things so they line up properly. In Proportional Font World, not only don't things line up properly, but it's basically impossible to make them do so.

So here's what I want to do. I want to write an editor that will check to find blocks of things that "should" line up properly in a fixed-width editor. And then it will line them up for me, and maintain the lineup (maybe it'll create a virtual tab stop or something.)

I won't do it now. I probably won't ever do it. But I want to.

(Of course, this entire problem would be eradicated if coders finally gave up the flat text source file and went to something more sensible like XML, so you could encode things like layout in the source file and then - surprise - *completely ignore them* if you want. But that doesn't look like it'll happen for quite a while.)