July 16th, 2004


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Spam's *really* been amusing me lately.

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So TMBG's released a new album, named "The Spine". It's on CD (I presume), but you can also download it from www.theymightbegiants.com for $10. Plus there's a companion EP named "The Spine Stands Alone" - it's only available online for $5, but if you buy it with The Spine, they're $13 combined.

So that's what I did.

They downloaded essentially instantly (I'm on the Google backbone - I'm actually really curious what speed I got, but unfortunately Firefox doesn't tell you once it's done. I was going to say "I must have saturated my 100mbit card", but I just checked and it's a gigabit card, so who knows) and now I'm listening to them. 256kbps MP3, good quality.

One of the dealbreakers: can I download it from somewhere else? Yep. RDP'ed to my home computer and now I'm downloading them there also with no problem and no extra cost.

The MP3s are packaged with high-quality PDFs of the cover art, so if I wanted to go print my own, I could.

TMBG just made $13, and spent maybe ten cents in bandwidth, if that.

RIAA, we don't want you any more. GO AWAY.