August 3rd, 2004


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Copied from a slashdot comment:

As far as I can tell, as an American, I cannot go through my day without breaking the law. My quest is no longer to be a law-biding citizen, that’s impossible, but rather not to get caught.

Even the bleach for my laundry says it’s a felony to use the product inconsistent with its labeling. So, if rather than measuring the one-cup recommended amount I pour it in guessing, they could put me in jail.

Yes, but they’d never do that I hear someone saying for such a minor infraction. Uh-huh. Here in Atlanta a man was put in jail because a Viagra pill fell from his wallet when he retrieved his license for a police officer. He had a legal prescription; the problem was not that he had the pill. He was jailed because the pill was not being stored it’s original container. Some jail time, sexual abuse checking cavities during intake, a few thousand dollars in fines, attorney and court costs and he’s again a free man.

. . . This is not the United States I learned about in school. Maybe it never existed. But I know today is doesn’t.

I don't know if that Viagra story is true or not. But I can easily believe it. There's something wrong with this country.