October 29th, 2004


warning! warning! brain crosswire detected!

For some reason I now seem to be visualizing the Toy-Box female as Nils, from Platinum Grit.

The mental image is mindboggling.

I realize that it's entirely possible that nobody on this friends list has heard of both, and the only reason I'm certain anyone knows about Platinum Grit is because I linked to it and I know virtual256 has read it. So probably nobody here has a clue what I'm talking about.

But it's mindboggling. Trust me.

(no subject)

Halloween at Google is interesting.

So far I've walked past a prisoner, the Joker, a guy in pink fluffy lingerie, a fairy (no, that's not the same person), and a pirate.

With a parrot.

A live parrot.

I can only wonder what will show up in the next few hours.

[edit] And an angel walking around with twelve-foot-wide wings. I don't know how he plans to fit into the bathroom.