November 28th, 2004


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This is a meaningless entry on so many levels that you probably shouldn't read it. Also, it's political. So basically, this is possibly the worst thing I've ever written, in my entire life.

But here goes anyway.

So, Bush wins the 2000 race. And a lot of Democrats say "that's it, I'm leaving the country" (and a few of them do). And Bush wins the 2004 race, and a lot of democrats say "that's it, I'm leaving the country" (and probably more of them do).

Why don't I ever hear Republicans talking about leaving the country when Democrats get elected?

Well, what country would suit their values better?

. . . North Korea, maybe?

(Footnote for the curious, all the ways in which this is meaningless: I haven't been tracking elections actively before 2000, and so I don't have much sample size. I don't know a lot of Republicans. Democrats seem to be a bit more, shall we say, demonstrative. Republicans claim to love this country and the values it was built on, completely independent of what the modern values are. I'm sure there are more - but essentially, what we have here is equivalent to saying "Well, it's 50%, plus or minus 1700%.")

difference in philosophy

Some people say you should never go grocery shopping hungry, because you'll buy a lot of things you don't need.

I believe that you should *always* go grocery shopping hungry, for the exact same reason.

After all, once you have things you don't need, you have to figure out how to use 'em.

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According to the label, the pads on my bed's headboard contain 100% cotton, 80% wool, and 20% polyester.

Seriously. That's what it says.
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