November 29th, 2004


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A few minutes ago someone was mentioning a bit of culture clash he's experienced. Apparently he's a Stanford graduate, and so is his girlfriend, and so *isn't* his girlfriend's father. Apparently in the girlfriend's father's culture (I didn't ask what culture this was, btw) they've been going out long enough that a marriage proposition should be happening right about now. Because it's been a few months, and marriage should be happening! Now!

Obviously in the Stanford graduate culture this is a lot less likely.

But this makes me think. Let's figure out a few dozen (or hundred) various properties that are important in distinguishing cultures. Then let's let everyone in the world determine their stats on these properties, throw it all into a computer, and break it into clusters.

What kind of clusters would we get?

What are the most important distinct groups?

I have the feeling the results would surprise people.