November 30th, 2004


(no subject)

It's suddenly occured to me that I own the entire domain.

Yes, yes, I'm an idiot, I realize this. Let me explain why this is interesting.

I've always wanted to have some way of categorizing where I'm getting email from. This way, if I start getting spam, I can track down where it's coming from. In real mail you can sometimes do this by adding fake middle initials, but there's only so many middle initials anyway.

In email, you can just invent new aliases at will . . . well, you can if your mail host lets you.

Mine does. And if it didn't, I could just change mail hosts. But basically, everything sent to any email address gets forwarded to me. (Which does mean I get the occasional strange bit of email at an address I've never used before . . . but let's ignore that for now.)

So now I have lots of email addresses. I've got custom email addresses, so far, for Paypal, Ebay, UPS, Livejournal, and Bad Signal.

And, just to bait the spammers -

Yep. I'll get email to that address, too.

Let's see if anyone bites . . . besides smartasses that read my journal, of course.

You know who you are. I'm watching you.