December 5th, 2004


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There's one thing really bugging me about WoW.

See, Blizzard's done a really good job of keeping universe consistency. Mostly. You recognize the places, the people, etc etc, it really feels like walking around Warcraft 3.


Except in a few places they went a little overboard. For example, some NPC cutscenes they felt obliged to put in sound chunks . . . from Warcraft 3 . . . instantly recognizable by anyone who's played that game . . . where there's no speech in the entire rest of the game.

Saying "it jars" is an understatement.

That's not even the worst part, though - they've re-used some of the Warcraft 3 icons. Now normally I wouldn't mind this, except they're "reused" them in entirely different places. The "make your towers able to see invisible things" upgrade? Well, I've got a spell with that icon. It's called Arcane Intellect. If you'd take this to mean "has nothing whatsoever to do with invisible things", you'd be right.

I don't know why there's so much bad crossover. Maybe they did it for cost-saving reasons, or maybe they did it out of a mistaken sense of continuity. But it just feels *wrong*.

Which is doubly disappointing because the entire rest of the game feels so *right*.
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