December 21st, 2004


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Friends-only entry here. (Edit 09/11/2006: not anymore)

So I've got this ex-girlfriend.

Among a lot of my friends, she's achieved legendary status. Seriously. Somebody says "I've got this crazy ex" and I say "Let me tell you about MY crazy ex." So far I can trump anyone who doesn't bring up restraining orders, lawsuits, or assault charges.

About a year ago she decided . . . well, a lot of things, including that she had telekinetic powers. But partially she decided that she loved me and wanted to talk to me again. This happens approximately every year, and I seem to have sort of gotten used to it.

That time, though, she'd just started writing on LJ. And so she added me to her friends list, with what she claimed were full permissions (and provably weren't - let's build this relationship on TRUST!), and then a week later she got committed to a mental hospital and said she never wanted to talk to me again, which is also pretty standard. We've got this down to a routine.

However, she never took me off her LJ friends list.

She also didn't write in her LJ. So I assumed, for a long time, that this simply meant she'd stopped paying attention to LJ in all forms, and that I'd probably always have my crazy ex-girlfriend listing me as a friend, which was rather amusing. And every few months the subject would come up online ("No, let me tell you about MY crazy ex") and I'd go check her journal and verify that, no, she still hasn't started writing again, I guess I'm safe for now.

She's started writing again.

I'm still on her friends list. And can still read a significant fraction of her posts (seems to be about 1/2 or 1/3.)

Which brings me to the main subject of this post.

I am NOW TAKING BETS for the prize of one free lunch at a restaurant of your choice! No, seriously! Simply tell me when you think she'll get in contact with me again. Give me a specific date (I'll assume noon on that day if you don't specify and if it matters, which it probably won't.) The person who guesses the closest gets one free meal (not to exceed $20 for two people) wherever they want, if we're ever in the same city. No purchase necessary, invalid where prohibited by law, and I'll buy you lunch anyway, even if it's prohibited by law.

Note: contacting her about this will invalidate your entry, because that's cheating.

Place your bets now!