December 29th, 2004


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I'm sick of not being able to trust, I'm sick of outsmarting myself every step of the way, and I'm sick of this unrelenting string of betrayals that only seems to stop when I make it utterly impossible to continue.

What the hell am I supposed to do now?
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virtual256: I take it you survived the flight?
ZorbaTHut: graaaaaaains
virtual256: Pity, I was so hopeful you'd survived.
* virtual256 throws bread
ZorbaTHut: actually, after the zombie attack, there was a *reverse* zombie attack
ZorbaTHut: so I'm now an unundead
virtual256: *twitch*
ZorbaTHut: I think our Democratically Elected Governor of Moderate Shadow is planning to send the Somewhat Grisly Combat-Oriented War Organization to conquer the world and install a benevolent socialist government
ZorbaTHut: by FORCE, if necessary!
ZorbaTHut: (tremble, mere mortal!)
virtual256: Er...