January 3rd, 2005


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* SirKillal is now known as Killalot
<jasabella> krillAlot :p you no man, you a shrimp ;)
<ZorbaTHut> you may call me krillmaster
<ZorbaTHut> master of krill
* ZorbaTHut boards the krillmobile
<][Hook][> Krill The Conqueror
<ZorbaTHut> "Look! In the sky! It's the Krillcall!"
<ZorbaTHut> "To the Krillmobile, Prawnboy!"
<jasabella> lol
<ZorbaTHut> "It's our archnemesis, the Baleen Strainer!"
<ZorbaTHut> "Muhahahah! Krillmaster, your hour is at hand! I'll sieve you out of these waters for good!"
<ZorbaTHut> Is this the end for Krillmaster and Prawnboy? Tune in next week, when help comes from a surprising quarter!
<ZorbaTHut> ("Gasp! It's the Whaler!")
<ZorbaTHut> would someone please shoot me before I continue with this lunacy?
* You were kicked by _m_ (you've been shot)
* Attempting to rejoin channel #c++
* Rejoined channel #c++
<jasabella> lol
<ZorbaTHut> thanks :)
<_m_> anytime :)