January 7th, 2005


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"The problem with that is your project's more concerned with the 'smart' part than the 'ass' part."

(Yes, this was said in a conversation I was recently in.)

(no subject)

ZorbaTHut: gweheheheh. have you read Courtney Crumrin?
VirtualLaptop: Nope.
VirtualLaptop: Link or lazy?
ZorbaTHut: you totally should
ZorbaTHut: paper :P
ZorbaTHut: (well, dead tree)
VirtualLaptop: Lazy then ;-)
VirtualLaptop: Had I car, I'd totally get it.
ZorbaTHut: also, Bone.
ZorbaTHut: for completely opposite reasons.
VirtualLaptop: Heh
ZorbaTHut: like, seriously. I think, if you went to Bizarro World and bought Courtney Crumrin, and read it, it would be Bone.

The more I'm thinking about this, the more I'm thinking I'm on to something.

Whatever we do, never let the two writers meet. The resulting conversion into pure energy might wipe a small country off the planet.