January 13th, 2005


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I swear, the people who work at Fry's are marketing gods.

So I'm in there exchanging an LCD monitor (which I bought from there in the first place due to their great exchange policy, and it had a stuck pixel, and now I've got a new one in the trunk - with luck it'll be good.) I happen to walk past the DVD rack.

Hey! Love Actually! And it's part of a combo pair, with Meet Joe Black, which everyone's told me I need to see, for only $20 total.

So I grab them.

And then I happen to look about a foot to my right and, hey, Gattaca! And it's part of a combo pair, with The Fifth Element, which everyone's told me I need to see, for only $20 total.

So I grab them too, then close my eyes, look away from the DVDs, open them again, and keep walking.

Now if only I had headphones I could watch 'em when I get home.

on third thought

there's a solution that fixes *all* the diversity problems - polyamory and group sex!

Clearly the most diverse of *any* of the options.

Well, that question's answered now.
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I just wrote half an entry - a long one, at that - and deleted it because I was confusing *myself*.

Holy crap. I need to learn to write better.

I'm going to go outline this bastard and see if I can bludgeon it into shape.
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So I went and got a monitor at Fry's, it had a stuck pixel, returned it, blah blah blah you know all this.

One oddity about the first monitor I got - it had two power switches, much like most modern computers. One soft power switch on the front of the system, one hard in the back next to the plug. There was a piece of tape over the power switch in that standard "remove this before using the monitor" manner, but oddly, the switch was on. Go figure, right? I just assumed it was a mistake - someone had accidentally flipped it - and ignored it.

This one has the switch on also. What gives? Why put a piece of tape on a switch in the "on" position?

Maybe it's just so I notice it and am aware there's a switch there.

Actually, that's not a bad explanation.


rogueonca, I owe you lunch. Which obviously means I'll need to come visit (although I'm afraid it might not be soon.)


I should point out, though, that I skewed the results accidentally, and maybe they don't count.

See, I was trying to update Trillian to version 3.0. And I was fiddling with my user list and, well, accidentally deleted the whole shebang.


In the process of trying to restore it, I restored a *really old* one - like, two years ago - before remembering I had a newer one on my other computer. And it sent out add-requests to all the people I'd had on ICQ before. Including ex-girlfriend.

So she sent me a message, asking if I was trying to get in contact with her, and I said, no, sorry, I screwed up and ICQ sent stuff out, and she apologized for the telekinesis incident and asked if I wanted to be friends with her again, and I said (honestly) I wasn't sure, and did *she* want to be friends again . . .

. . . and she said, no, she wasn't really interested in talking to me, and this would definitely be the end of it.

And now she's commented on my livejournal. So maybe it *does* count!

Should Zorba Demand That She Make Up Her Damn Mind Already


(Update: In the amount of time it took me to write this entry she commented on my next-to-most-recent entry as well.)