January 17th, 2005


least. productive. sleep. ever.


So I go to bed and I have horrible trouble falling asleep. (This is pretty rare now.)

I finally get to sleep and have nightmares. I can't remember them and I'd rather not try right now, all I remember is they were distinctly bad dreams. At one point I realize I'm dreaming and struggle for what feels like a minute or two to wake up, and succeed.

And then realize I didn't actually succeed, I'm just in a different layer of dream.

This happens four times.

Finally I wake up (which takes a minute for me to make sure I'm *actually* awake and not still dreaming), move, then get up, run to the bathroom, and nearly throw up. Keep in mind it's already noon and I've been getting up at 11am lately.

After I've settled my stomach a bit, I go collapse in bed again because I'm too exhausted for anything else, and "sleep" until now, still feeling nauseous, still feeling exhausted.

And I'm *still* feeling ghastly.

I'm just gonna write off this day as a dead loss.


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"This journal is a permanent account and as such has free time forever. You cannot give extra paid time to permanent accounts."

Dammit! I want my two weeks!
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What's the best word in the english language?

So far, contenders are "giblets", "pants", "monkey", and "smock".

Any more suggestions? I'll put up a poll later.