January 26th, 2005


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Okay. Someone explain this to me.

My brain has been telling me it really wants raw fish lately.

Not sushi. Raw fish.

Coincidentally, Google actually had what they claimed was "smoked salmon" today at dinner, but which was, in reality, a lot closer to "lox". I'm not sure what you were supposed to do with it exactly but I just grabbed a few slices and ate 'em. Right now my brain is telling me I should have gotten more.


Which vitamins or nutrients or whatever is my brain actually wanting, and how can I get them in a slightly cheaper way than the various safe ways of eating raw fish?

(Note: it doesn't seem terribly interested in cooked fish.)

(Further note: this is the same brain that, completely unprompted, just spat out the phrase "set phasers to sexy". So I'm not entirely sure how much it can be trusted.)